Spirits competition
A careful tasting of special spirits.

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The Concours International de Lyon has 157 categories for tasting spirits. Categories include: Whiskeys, Bourbon, Brandies, Soju, Shochu, Baijiu, Gin, Vodka, Rums, Cachaça, punches, cocktails, liquorice-flavoured drinks, creams, liqueurs and sherries.
The competition follows strict rules concerning its organisation, optimal storage conditions, classification of spirits based on numerous criteria, blind tasting, verification of the tasters selected, a 100-point marking scale, etc.

This diversity means consumers can rely on the Concours International de Lyon, its tasting and medals, to guide them in their choices of spirits.


president d honneur 2021 Goettelmann Éric2021 : Éric Goettelmann - Head Sommelier at Paul Bocuse - MOF Sommelier 2019

Named Best Sommelier in France in 2018, Eric Goettelmann joined the mythical Paul Bocuse restaurant in Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or in January 2020. As Executive Head Sommelier on Vincent Leroux’s dream team of MOF award winners–a team that also includes a world champion!–Eric will contribute to the splendour and renown of Lyon’s gastronomy.

Passion for wine and a quest for excellence have always been his guide. “Some opportunities are earth-shaking, making you rethink everything. Paul Bocuse’s restaurant is of course one of them. Only an ambitious, inspiring and unifying project such as this could made me consider taking up a new challenge as I near my fifties.”

In joining Paul Bocuse Restaurant, Eric has embraced its ambitions and taken up its challenges. Pleased to be contributing his talent to the institution’s next chapter, Eric is also delighted to join a team with the same values. In sharing new experiences with the other sommeliers, in particular, he hopes to encourage future generations to follow in their footsteps and continue to progress in a profession that is “demanding, of course, but also of incomparable human richness in these complicated times”.
Sports to let off steam, family as a foundation, and simple things in life are what give Eric the energy required to reach for the stars.


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For more information about the competition and about our honorary presidents, please visit concourslyon.com.